Aims & Objectives



·       To look after the administration of AL-MARKAZ AL-MADNI (WELFARE TRUST) which is situated at KESC No.1180, 1222, 1223 Street No. 16-17 Bhatai Abad Karachi (Pakistan).

·         To maintain, equip, expand and to repair the building of the said Trust and its properties. It is also our motive to help in the social welfare and maintain discipline.

·         To preach the teaching of Islamic Maslak and faith of “Ahley Hadith” sect.

·         To acquire properties by lawful means for the expansion uplit and progress of the said TRUST.

·         To make arrangement for teaching of Holy Quran and Hadith and also recitation of “Holy Quran Nazra” to the students.

·       To secure receive, accept and manage funds, donations and grant, endowments and any other moveable properties from lawful sources within the county and to utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the TRUST.

·         To provide social welfare, education, clothing, food, medicines and medical facilities to needy persons.

·         Promoters will not be the paid employees of the trust’

·         Trust shall run on non-commercial and non-political basis.

·         The Trust shall confine its activities only to the aims and objects of the Trust and the income and property of the Trust from whatever sources derived shall be applied solely towards he promotion of the objects of the Trust and no portion there of shall be paid by way of dividend, profit, bonus to any member, office bearers of the Trust of otherwise. Violation of this condition will be personal responsibility of the office bearers or members concerned.

·         The concern office members who have the responsibility of the Trust concern works will submit the annual report of the activates and performance of the Trust.

·         The office bearers will maintain the accounts, expenses and all records and annually receipts will be given to the registrar and cause to be carried out audit of the accounts by an auditor will be submitted to the registrar.

·         The Trust will engage a member to held the responsibility to maintain law and order situation by controlling and keeping eye on each and every activity and shall not publish or print any material which can cause complain against the Trust to the government /law forces agencies and their members and it shall not violate the rules and non of the members is allowed to spread any rumour and shall not enter into the current or previous political affairs and shall not speak against any government political matter. The responsibility of the members and Trust is only to look after the matter and affairs of the Trust, teaching of Holy Quran and welfare of the students belonging to the Trust.

·         The maslak of our Trust will be Ahley Hadith, which will be followed by all members.